A Bit About Me

With over 20 years of teaching Spanish in public schools, I am excited to carry on my love of the language outside the classroom.  Way back in high school was when I first learned Spanish as an exchange student to Bolivia.  I've been hablando español ever since!

Certainly the best way to learn a second (third, fourth) language is through immersion, though a good base can be achieved via traditional methods.  Simply, the best part of learning Spanish for me was cultivating the ability to make myself understood to others, including (and especially) native speakers.  It is a thrill that continues to this day.  Be it chatting with the cashier at a local store or engaging with sellers in the markets in Cuba or Guatemala, I am always delighted with others' reactions to my language skills.  Their faces light up and my confidence is boosted once again.  

It is my hope that you, too, wish to hone (or create) those same interpersonal and cultural skills.  The possibilities are endless.