June 16, 2019

May 14, 2018

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February 27, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk, and I talk to anyone.  About anything.  I'll even talk about math (and while it's not my favorite subject, it's not the subject to which I'm referring in this post).  Usually I'm so jazzed about finding out about someone else,...

February 18, 2018

They like it.  They like it!  I'm so happy.  I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I love it when teachers contact me to tell me how much their students love the books.  I offer up this evidence:

My students LOVED the few photos of Guatema...

February 13, 2018

Earlier I scanned a Facebook post in an ELL teacher's group.  There were some obvious grammar and syntax errors with the poster's query (as well as a humorous malapropism).  I smiled - in case it was meant to be funny - and then I read the comments.  


February 8, 2018

The photo is apropos of absolutely nothing.  Well, at least nothing having to do with this blog post.  This rooster I saw in Jaibalito, a VERY small town on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where the town's residents speak Kaqchikel - one of the Mayan languages still spoken i...

February 1, 2018

This week’s email submissions are from a teacher in Tennessee.  She wanted to let me know how much her students are enjoying “El jersey.”  She wrote:

            We just got our books and the class read chapter 1 to...

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