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Chuchotenango READER

In Antigua, Guatemala... 


...on the streets, on the farms, in the market and in many homes live lots of dogs and cats. Some are gray, some brown and still some are white; each living in different areas of the colonial city, such as the mercado, downtown and at Caoba Farms. 


The most important of all of the animals in Antigua (even he would say so) is Uno el Gato, a smart and pretty clever cat. Because he is able to escape the house where he lives, Uno acts as a messenger between all of the chuchos in the city. Though they are from different groups from different parts of the city, these chuchos, or street dogs, all rely on each other to stay safe. And, mostly, life is good for them.  


One day, however, Uno learns that a few of the dogs from Caoba Farms are missing and their chucho friends that live there are very worried. Where are the chuchos disappearing to? Which ones? How? And why? With the information that he learns on the streets, Uno el Gato calls on all of his skills in order to help out his amigos, the chuchos from Caoba Farms. 


Is Uno really as brilliant as he thinks, or is he just another cute cat who thinks he’s ‘all that’?


Level 1; Total words: 4282; fewer than 200 unique words.  Comprehensive glossary.


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Chuchotenango READER