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Football...americain?! READER

It’s the start of the school year and everyone knows what that means: fall sports. Martin is a 9th-grader at the local high school who has been waiting for soccer season to start since…well, since he started playing when he was 5 years old. But, Martin doesn’t even make the 9th-grade team. Not only has he been waiting for this day, but so has his father who is an avid soccer fan. What’s Martin to do?


Jamal is equally as excited for the sports season. He loves football more than anything, and has been studying the game since elementary school. It’s his senior year so he is hoping for a winning season and maybe even a look from some college scouts. But, Jamal may not even get to play if he can’t earn a passing grade in his worst class: French. He has a lot riding on this season in hopes of a scholarship. How will Jamal pass French?


Coach Albano is excited for the new season, too. Starting his third year as the head football coach, he’s still the new guy with a lot to prove, and he’s up for the challenge. The team definitely has the talent to make it to the playoffs, but there is not one player who has the skill necessary to kick the ball on special teams. Not one. And if that weren’t enough, Coach’s job is further tested by the director of the Board of Education. Which situation will be tougher for Coach to handle?


Total words: 6900; unique: 325;  cognates: 167 


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Football...americain?! READER