Today in Tennessee...

February 1, 2018


This week’s email submissions are from a teacher in Tennessee.  She wanted to let me know how much her students are enjoying “El jersey.”  She wrote:



            We just got our books and the class read chapter 1 today.  I loved how the smiles spontaneously broke out on their faces as they were reading so I tried to capture that to share with you.  They are hooked and eager to find out what happens next. 

            Thank you again for writing this delightful story.



How great is that?


It’s pretty darned great.  All of it.  Of course, I’m delighted the students are excited about the book and its story.  But I'm even more thrilled that the teacher took the time to let me know.  THAT is what this is all about for me: connections.


But what jazzed me even more was this morning’s email:




            So, my class greeted me this morning with an excited, “Are we going to read more of El jersey today?”

            The students want to know how to correctly pronounce Kaqchikel*.  I couldn’t help and told them I would ask you. 



Ask away!  Language is for communication in whatever form it comes (written or spoken) and I am all too happy to communicate.  And with my response, I combined the two by sending a voice memo of the pronunciation via email.  (Side note: I was delighted that I figured out that bit of technology.  Talk about a different language…).


If you would like to connect with me about how your students are connecting with the books, I will be happy to field your messages.  Keep ‘em coming.


And to the students in Tennessee, thank you so much!  I love that you are enjoying the story.





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