A Little Culture (Very Little)

February 8, 2018

The photo is apropos of absolutely nothing.  Well, at least nothing having to do with this blog post.  This rooster I saw in Jaibalito, a VERY small town on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where the town's residents speak Kaqchikel - one of the Mayan languages still spoken in the country.  Maybe the rooster spoke Kaqchikel, too.  I have no idea.


So there's your culture lesson in a photo and an anecdote.  Easy.  It's about awareness.  Of people, stories and places.  It's good to know that there are Mayan languages still used in Guatemala, as there are different languages spoken in any given community in the United States.  Helps to paint a picture and maybe even understand a bit more.


The stories in my books, I hope, inform of the richness of life through different characters' experiences.  Maybe a little appreciation for fictional lives will then cause pause, and even reflection when meeting someone new.  Be aware and listen for a story - especially if it's different from your own.  

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