February 13, 2018

Earlier I scanned a Facebook post in an ELL teacher's group.  There were some obvious grammar and syntax errors with the poster's query (as well as a humorous malapropism).  I smiled - in case it was meant to be funny - and then I read the comments.  


The first comment was pure snark, with a message along the lines of "how can you even consider yourself a teacher?"...  


There were a lot of assumptions in the commenter's words, and perhaps mine, too, in how I responded (I suggested that asking more questions for clarification might be a better response).  But I think that overall, kindness is a lot more helpful.  And awareness.  Especially from teachers.  We're all learning, all the time.  


Oh, and the folks in the pic above?  I met them in Cuba.  The man was out at the government ration supermarket. He didn't seem to be collecting anything that day, so perhaps he was just there to hang out.  Anyway, I started chatting with him and his friends (SHOCKER? Not!) and he invited me for coffee at his home where I met his wife of 40+ years.  It was my first afternoon in Cuba.  And it was the best time I had all week.  No assumptions.  A LOT of questions.  So much fun.




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