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March 6, 2018



Sadly (and only because it’s annoying), I’m at the age where I need to don reading glasses, or cheaters, as some call them.  I did not, however, need to have them on when I saw this photo and immediately spotted one of my books on the shelf.  Very cool.  


As I imagine it is for all authors, and specifically those who are independently published as I am, seeing one's work displayed so beautifully - and for actually student use - is quite a thank you.  Matt Hotopp has created such an inviting area for students to visit when choosing a book for free voluntary reading (FVR)/free choice reading (FCR) or reading of one’s own volition (ROOV).  (I know it’s not called that, but you know I’m not into the proper terms and all. Ha ha!)   In addition to the fact that he purchased my book, Los tres amigos (about a modern love triangle), to offer to his students, Matt chose so many other books, too.  Knowing that all kids are different, it makes sense that their reading choices will vary.  


Not much has to be lock-step, not even math evidently - but I’m no authority there, for kids to learn.  It’s great to see options; a menu, if you will.   At least with the books.  


Matt, thank you for your support of me and the other indie authors.  And, my apologies: you may have to buy a new shelf soon.   More books in the works!



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