Low Tech, But a Connection Nonetheless

March 17, 2018

A sampling of the names of the kids with whom I had the pleasure to interact one morning at a wellness day event at a local high school. 


So, it seems I've arrived - if arriving comes in the form of praise from Hispanic students (mostly recent arrivals to the U.S.) at a local high school.  And to me, that's what it's all about.  It's my jam.


Being all teacher-y, I went in with my plan about what we were going to do and being all student-y, they weren't buying the aformentioned plan, so we just ended up chatting and telling jokes (which really was the title of the presentation - as an "other" offering othan the more serious topics on the program's slate).  As it turns out, I'm pretty funny.  Aún en español.  Even in Spanish.  Maybe it was the hair.  Or the facial expressions.  Or maybe they just knew I liked them already.  And I did.


We cracked wise, talked about nicknames and funny experiences they had when arriving in Connecticut (evidence: one kid thought we were having a drought when he saw the leaves fall from the trees in autumn).  All was good.  The hiccup then arrived with Carlos - a kid who was a real crusher.  You know the type: sarcastic and justthisside of disrespectful.   He was a little fresh, and I didn't think we really connected - or at least that was the impression he gave.  Well, Carlos taught me the life lesson of "wait it out" because he then he showed up in my session for a second time (whether he was supposed to be there or not).  Connection, so there was.


And the the stories.  Their stories.  We didn't progress much past the basics of where they grew up, first impressions of the United States and funny vocabulary words in Spanish, but it was good.  And enough.   And a good enough start.  One of them even wrote a note to me on his nametag, "Algun día nos volveremos a ver"  (Some day we'll see each other again.)  Yes, Marvin.  Yes we will!

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