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March 20, 2018

Someday I'm going to be really good at this tech stuff so you can see all of the images next to each other like I imagine in my head!


So I wrote a book, Los tres amigos/Three Friends about a love triangle involving, wait for it...three friends.  




In wanting to let people know of the books' existence, I reached out to True Colors (@TrueColorsCT) just to let them know where they could get the books, in case they would serve some students.  Seems that they were delighted enough with the books that they asked me to present at the conference this year.  It. Was. So. Much. Fun!!


Though I was the one at the front of the room (with no technology - not a shocker!), it was I who most likely learned the most.  I learned everyone's name right away (it's the ONLY party trick I have!) and right after I did a reading from the book, Hector clutched his heart. I wondered if I had gotten something wrong.  Panicked for just a second, I asked nicely, "Why did you have that reaction?"  I couldn't have been more pleased when he replied, "You hit the feeling right on the head."  A more supreme compliment could not have been paid.  Gracias, Hector!


There has been discussion lately as to whether or not authors can write about experiences they've not had, especially with regards to LGBTQ+, race and other issues.  The experiences of the gay characters in the book could not be any more different than my actual life, so I was happy for the validation from Hector, but am sensitive to the issue.  Authenticity is paramount in delivering a story, in my opinion, and about which I try hardest.  


I go on and on about stories.  People's stories.  I love them - the people and the stories.  So I had the peeps in my session write theirs, in 10 (or so) words.  Here's a sample.  Just imagine what they might write in 10 sentences, or 10 paragraphs...  Maybe next year.  Can't wait!


-She's going where she belongs and I wish her well.

-Depression and anxiety won't tear me up anymore.

-I flipped the page and then came to a realization.

-I encountered a few obstacles and I figured it out early.

-I am a bisexual woman who is married, for now.

-I'm a heteromantic asexual.  That means I just wanna cuddle.  Sorry, not sorry.

-It was at the ring dance when I had my first kiss.

-I am always trying not to wish my life away, trying to be present instead.

-His autistic way of thinking made "ask her out" impossible.


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