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March 25, 2018

You would think that a person who loves the peeps so much would be taking photos of them left and right!  I didn't, so enjoy a few reviews...  


On Friday I had the pleasure and the honor of spending the afternoon with yet another spectacular group of teenagers, this time in New Britain, CT.  I was tasked with running a workshop with them about storytelling and identity.  Though time-wise we were restricted, the enthusiasm was infectious and the participation was excellent - especially for after school on a Friday AND having to do with writing!


There were 40-50 kids, some more excited to be there than others, but all willing to give it a shot.  The Starburst candy helped with that, I'm sure.  (Listen, I'm no fool.  I know all about the food-willingness connection!)  Though not pressured to do so (hint #1: meet them where they are - always), many students chose to do a little bit of writing, for which I am grateful.  Some of their offerings are below.  And I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with a few students who were elated to show me examples of their writing that they are keeping on their phones (hint #2: phones, not ALL bad, especially if they're using them as mobile writing labs!).  But the part of the afternoon that stood out to me the loudest was when the students were the most silent.  I read to them a very short story that I wrote about an encounter that I had at a gas station in hopes of generating some discussion (it did).  They loved it.  And listened.  


The attention that I harnessed for those few minutes while reading the story highlighted a few key points that perhaps I already knew, but a lesson about which I needed to be reminded:  1. even teenagers love to be read to, and 2. quite possibly more communication takes place while listening, than the other way 'round.  (consider those as hints #3 and #4)


In the short time that we had together, I wanted to get the kids to realize there are so many facets that contribute to their identity - all of them valid.  And they are.  Judge for yourself. 


Imagine what they might produce with more time and direction.  I hope I'll get to see.


Thank you, OIC New Britain for a fantastic afternoon!


Submissions not edited.  Purposefully.


-I am me. Stop

 I am the blood that flows through me. Stop.

 I am a person who is kind.  Stop.

 I am a person who is silly.  Stop.

 I am a person who is creative.  Stop.

 I am (name - redacted).  Stop.


-(Name) is a dangerous and feisty and sometime can be sassy and she is high-key Evil. 


-...she lives freely, optomistic, open-minded, straight forward and conspictous (=conspicuous).  Confident but not cocky.  different. Knowing herself more and more each day.


-I'm way too stubborn.  I'll walk across the ocean than be airborne.

I have too much pride to hide.

Give me a dollar, I won't take it.

Give me a job to make a mill, and I'm gonna make it.

I'm too old for my body.

My mental is no commodity...

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