May 1, 2018

Imagínate.  Imagine.


Imagine you leave your native land and set forth on an arduous journey to an new one in search of a better life.  


Imagine arriving in the new land with no money or a job, yet with three young children for whom you are responsible to raise.


Now imagine experiencing all of this without the ability to read or write.


I met this woman today.  Francisca is part of a group a community group in East Harlem, NY; women who get together weekly to learn from, share and laugh with one another.  This woman is just now, in her mid 50s, learning to read and write in her own language.  The pride I saw in her face and her eyes as she recounted her new ability to write simple phrases in Spanish...yeah, I cried.    


There wasn’t time to get the whole story - but you know I will if given the opportunity. 


So again, imagínate.  The phrase is used more often in Spanish than in English as a soft suggestion, rather than a mandate.  So I ask you...




Can you?


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