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Diettro al sorriso READER

Riccardo e Alessandra sono due giovani americani che frequentano il liceo negli Stati Uniti. Dietro la facciata della famiglia felice si trovano dispiaceri, sfide e speranza.


Riccardo and Alessandra are two young American high schoolers. Behind the facade of a happy family there are disappointments, challenges and hope.


This reader is written in simple form for students of Italian as a second language. The intended proficiency level is intermediate mid to high.


7500 words


Level 4+


Please contact me directly for bulk orders (and a discount!) or if ordering with a purchase order.


About the Author:

Dr. Tanya Ferretto was born and educated in Venice, Italy, where she enjoyed reading, writing and the arts. She has a Ph.D. in Japanese Art history. For the past 15 years she has been an Italian teacher at Winchester High School, MA. Teaching is her passion. She just published her first book, Diettro al sorriso, available on Amazon and

Diettro al sorriso READER

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