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Era una chica nueva READER

The same, great story of La chica nueva now in the past tense.


Taruka is the new girl at the high school in town, about to begin a year of high school that she is unlikely to forget. She makes friends and meets a boy, Cooper. Like Cooper and many of the students at the school, she is involved in sports, so she gets along with her new classmates well. But issues arise with her newfound friendship with Cooper when their differences are highlighted by the adults in their lives. 


How will the teenagers handle the pressures? Is there a common ground to be found? The story has a plot similar to the classic one of Romeo and Juliet or Tony and Maria, but set in modern day suburbia.


As a story intended as a reader for students learning Spanish, the plot is engaging enough to be compelling, and simple enough so that students can dive into the verbs in the past tense just starting out, or as a review.  


Total words: 4947; unique words: 247; cognates: 144.


Please contact me directly for bulk orders (and a discount!) or if ordering with a purchase order.




Era una chica nueva READER

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