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Secrets Undisclosed READER

Alexis has a secret about, himself.  Well, it’s not really a secret - at least not outwardly - but it hasn’t been expressed aloud to anyone else, except the therapist.  He hasn’t told anyone yet, but plans on telling Sofía first, mostly because she lives thousands of miles away in Buenos Aires.  Alexis and Sofía have been pen pals since the 6th grade, and since they have never actually met IRL (in real life), Alexis feels more comfortable telling her first.  


Sofía, too, has just learned of a secret that her parents have been keeping from her, one that upends her life and changes the way she thinks about everything.  In a letter that Sofía inadvertently finds in her father’s desk drawer, she learns that her abuelos - her mother’s parents - are not only not her real grandparents, but who they are, and more importantly who they were, are in direct conflict with who Sofía is and what she believes.  


While Alexis struggles with identity, so too, does Sofía.  In this story, two virtual friends work together to solve their own mysteries, one intensely personal and the other with how she now relates to her own family as the secrets of the past - the family’s and the country’s - become even more real.

Secrets Undisclosed READER