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The Fight of His Life READER

After years of living with uncertainty, first with his mother and then in foster care, J.P.’s life isfinally becoming more predictable, routine, and even comfortable. Now that he is safely living with his father, his stepmother and his two half-sisters, J.P. is finally enjoying the opportunity to learn more about himself. He is not a fan of school, mostly because it’s hard for him, but he resolves to do well enough to ensure academic eligibility for the wrestling team, as his sights are set on winning a state championship that year.


J.P.’s father, Juan, is also learning – learning how to contend with the challenges that come with raising a teenager. Juan tries to better understand his son who has recently come to live withhim and attempts to make a better connection by letting J.P. know that he, too, was once awrestler back in Mexico. A luchador mexicano. The conversations between the two are peppered with reminders of J.P.’s desire to get his driver’s license, as he desperately wants to fit in with all of his friends who are also headed to the DMV. But there is a problem, one he knows nothing about, and one that Juan hopes can be fixed before J.P. finds out.

In this novel, readers are presented with a wealth of vocabulary and verb tenses while focusing on family and social issues, with the cultural component being that of Mexican wrestling – lalucha mexicana.

The Fight of His Life READER