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Because of the Storm READER

Imagínate.  Imagine.

Imagine having your life turned upside down before you even knew it could be.  When Andrés is just a toddler, his parents leave their small town in Honduras in search of economic opportunities that no longer exist due to the deadly hurricane that devastated the country in 1998, Hurricane Mitch.  He is left in the care of extended family members, some more caring than others, until a plan is formed that takes him from everything he knows in Quebrada Seca, Honduras, first to the border between Mexico and the United States, and then to a new life in New England. 


Take the journey with Andrés and his aunt, a girl not too much older than he, experiencing the trials they face along the way. Then learn how his life unfolds as he becomes reacquainted with his parents, a completely new language, and in a place that is nothing like the one he left behind.  


This fictional story is about a boy who arrives in the United States and how he navigates the simplicity of a kid’s life with the complexities of his legal status.  Andrés’s experience is unique as it is his, though it is one of many that unfold with the arrivals of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors to the United States annually.  




Can you?


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Because of the Storm READER