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Die Weltermeisterschaft in Katar 2022 READER

Max and Emily are twins who are just about to turn 13. For this special birthday, their parents promised them a trip to see the French national soccer team defend their title at the World Cup in Qatar. There’s a catch, though. In order to earn such an expensive trip, the twins have to do some research about Qatar which their parents give to them in the form of a scavenger hunt.


Max and Emily work together to find out so many new things about the World Cup 2022 host country. Of course, the soon-to-be teens learn so much doing the research, but there is one issue that stands out to them: the situation with the immigrants tasked with building the stadiums, the hotels, the railways and other parts of the infrastructure in Qatar, as it reminds them of similar issues in their city of München.


Will what the kids learn alter their plans to attend the tournament in Doha, Qatar?


Level 2/3


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Die Weltermeisterschaft in Katar 2022 READER