Images to use with La chica nueva

Are you using La chica nueva as a class novel? Perhaps these images will help with your planning.  There are so many ways you can use them:

1. pre-reading: have students order the images the way they want and have them tell the story they THINK is in the book

2. general review: show students an image and have them chat about what's going on in the story at that time; what happened before the event depicted by the image, and after, as well.

3. Create dialogs given the images; picture talk; turn & talk; think pair share; look & discuss; Venn diagrams; text/Twitter/Snapchat activity between characters...whatever your heart desires.  The possibilities are endless.


Remember, any contact that your students have with the target language is positive.  And if images can are some to get you started!

Images to use with La chica nueva

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