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Salida 8 READER

Unfavorable circumstances in his native country have forced Isaías to make the harrowing journey north to the United States. His hopes and dreams are simple: to find dignified work that pays a decent wage so that he can support his family back home. 


In this simple but profound story learn some of what immigrants endure on their quests to improve their families’ lives.


This reader is a combined effort of a native and non-native speaker, Diego Ojeda and Jennifer Degenhardt, as well as being a reader that combines poetry and prose - all geared for novice learners. You can find out more about Diego on his website:


Level 1 reader. 3900 total words, ~197 unique; 85 cognates.


Please contact me directly for bulk orders (and a discount!) or if ordering with a purchase order.

Salida 8 READER

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