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The Town - a play

It’s the first day of Eddie’s high school career, and he’s ready. At least he thinks he is. The older and more serious of the two boys in the family, Eddie has plans to make his time at high school memorable, and the most beneficial for him, you know, for getting into college. He is thinking about sports and clubs, and even joining the student government. As one of the few people of color at the school - heck, in the whole town - Eddie is more aware than most 14-year olds. So, in addition to figuring out his identity as a human, he also wants to be a good role model for his younger, less-aware, and sillier brother, James.


But even with his heightened adolescent awareness, there is no way Eddie can prepare himself for what the next four years have in store for him, and how it affects all of the relationships he has: those with his family, his friends and classmates, and even the town.


This story is easily accessible to students and will allow for excellent discussion. Consider it for a whole-school read.


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The Town - a play