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With (a little) Help from My Friends

One day Sebastián is a soccer phenom, dancing his way around the ball up and down the pitch.


The next day he isn’t.


As if coming to terms with needing to use a wheelchair isn’t enough at 14 years old, Sebastián also has to face more changes and all at once. Switching schools because of the family’s move to a new neighborhood, and changes in the relationship with his father, due to the sudden absence of soccer in their lives, causes way too much stress.  This new reality is NOT a good time for Sebas.


Anthony is struggling in his relationship with his dad, too, mostly because he thinks his father wants him to be something he’s not - or at least Anthony doesn’t think he is.  Instead of practicing his guitar and trying to be as good as a musician as his father, Anthony just wants to be left alone to play video games with his friends. 


The two boys meet at Sebastián’s new school, and, after a bit of a rocky start, the boys develop a friendship. Later, with the help of a professional hockey player, who is also facing his own challenges, both Sebastián and Anthony begin to realize that what they think is reality is not the same as what really is. 

With (a little) Help from My Friends