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My Books

I began writing books years ago when I found that I needed another way to keep students engaged with the Spanish language, but with vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures that were at their level.  It started with La chica nueva, an entry level book in Spanish for students of all ages and has blossomed into a small library of books now in Spanish, French, English, Italian and German.  I am inspired by people that I meet and their stories, and in each book I aim to present social issues to discuss as well as embedded culture.  It is my hope that greater awareness of different cultures will only lead to realizations of similar we really all are.


jdegenhardt_lavida (1).jpg
Sortie no. 8.front cover.jpeg
Como vuela la pelota.frontcover.jpg
la terre des chiens errants.frontcover.png
la lucha de la vida.frontcover.jpg
Jdegenhardt _quince2 (1).jpg
le maillot.frontcover.png
three friends.frontcover-min.jpg
the new girl front cover-min-min.jpg
la niñera.frontcover.png
La vie est compliquée.front cover.jpg
PESAS.front cover.jpg
Salida 8.front cover.jpeg
¿Qué pasó con el jersey_.front cover.jpg
Dogland.front cover.jpeg
The Jersey.front cover.jpg
Con un poco de ayuda de mis amigos.front
Das neue Mädchen.front cover.jpeg
Poids et haltères.front cover.jpeg
cuando se perdió la mochila.front cover.jpeg
la vita dei cani.front cover.jpeg
se movieron las montañas_edited.jpg
Pesi.front cover.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 12.01.22 PM.png
LA EVOLUCIÓN MUSICAL.front cover.jpeg
fue un viaje difícil.front cover.jpg
The Town.front cover.jpeg
le sac à dos.front cover.jpg
A Difficult Journey.front cover.jpeg
era una chica nueva.front cover.png
Moving Mountains.front cover.jpeg
Un petit coup de main amical.front cover.jpeg
The World Cup.front cover.jpeg
el viaje difícil.jpg
déplacer les montagnes.front cover.png
cambios.front cover.jpg
La nuova ragazza.front cover.jpeg
With (a little) Help from My Friends.front cover.jpeg
el jersey.frontcover.jpg
Weights and Dumbbells.front cover.jpeg
Changements.front cover.jpeg
El pueblo.front cover.png
levantandopesas.front cover.jpeg
Spostando montagne.front cover.jpg
SECRETS.front cover.jpeg
football...américain _! front cover.jpeg
LUIS, UN SOÑADOR.front cover.jpeg
El Mundial front cover.jpeg
La coupe du monde.front cover.jpeg
The Last Test.front cover.jpeg
Con (un po') d'aiuto dai miei amici.front cover.jpeg
De la oscuridad a la luz.front cover.jpeg
¡¿Fútbol...americano_! front cover.jpeg
Because of the Storm.front cover.jpeg
front cover.le rêve de LUIS.jpeg
Secrets Undisclosed.front cover.jpeg
Dal buio alla luce.front cover.jpeg
The Nanny.front cover.jpeg
Le village.front cover.jpeg
La Coppa del Mondo.front cover.jpeg
de l'obscurité à la lumière.front cover.png
raíces.front cover.jpeg
from darkness into light.front cover.jpeg
soccer...football_!_.front cover.jpeg
The Meaning You Gave Me.front cover.jpeg
LUIS the DREAMer.front cover.jpeg
la invitación.front cover.jpg
aus der dunkelheit ins licht.front cover.jpeg
Die Weltmeisterschaft in Katar 2022.front cover.jpeg
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