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La evolución musical READER

At 15, Lia has been toting around her pink violin case for most of her life - and pretty much, happily so. But lately, she is starting to think that the weight of the instrument is not just physical, but mental and emotional, too. As the only child of a musician mother who missed her own chance in becoming first violin chair in an orchestra, Lia wonders if she is continuing to study the instrument for her own benefit, or that of her mom. If that wasn’t enough of an issue, Lia also meets musician and develops a relationship which only causes further friction between her and her mother.


Through a musical tour of the famous music city of Austin, Texas where the family lives, Lia begins to realize that her choice about the violin does not have to be black or white, but can be as colorful as her love of all of the new music she is discovering.


Level 2+; ~9800 words, ~480 unique.


Please contact me directly for bulk orders (and a discount!) or if ordering with a purchase order.

La evolución musical READER

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