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La vie est compliquée READER

Vincent is Seychellois and lives in New York while working for the Embassy of Seychelles. He is used to solving problems in his work life. In fact, he is really good at it.  He is so good that the embassy is going to honor him at a special event. But Vincent’s problem-solving skills are put to the test when he is forced to deal with family issues, both with his son in New York, and back home in Seychelles where his daughter still lives with her family.


In Seychelles, Pierre was a doctor and a prominent member of the community. He and his wife were living a good life with their two boys - at least until the accident. Unable to deal with the loss of his wife and younger son, Pierre is forced to leave Seychelles behind and start anew with his older son at his parents’ home in New York. Sad and angry with his new reality in the United States he tries to numb his pain and in doing so, alienates his parents and his son, Jean-Marc.  


Jean-Marc had just started high school a couple of years ago when his mom and brother died in an accident in Seychelles. Like his father, he is still sad and angry, but Jean-Marc always has his music. Rock music. He loves his guitar and how playing it makes him feel: free. As if losing half of his family wasn’t enough of a burden, Jean-Marc also has to contend with the typical teen issues - especially when it comes to relationships. And these relationships, while accepted by both of his grandparents, are the cause of some huge problems between Jean-Marc and his father.


How will the men of this family navigate it all?


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La vie est compliquée READER